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What's Growing in the Garden Zine






Flush with inspiration from watching the first few class videos, my kids and I spent the morning making our first handmade zines. Mine is about the garden. I went outside and sketched. I ususally start with pencil, but I wanted to keep this deliberate and bold, so I used an inky black pen. The garden is primarily weeds, so that gets the big reveal spot on the foldout. 

I wish I had done the front cover last. I feel like the other illustrations are more loose and have a better scale, while the front is tighter and less emotive. If I were going to develop this further I'd ink some parts with a fatter marker, and hatch in some shading. I'd love to print this silkscreen-style and have some areas washed with a second color. 

One daughter also did a garden zine, mostly text. My younger kid did a fashion magazine which rocks.


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