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What's Going On

What's Going On? - serves as that one online space where we can come to keep up with everything going on in each other's lives.  Over the years, my friends and I have all become so busy and doing such fascinating thingsso I thought it be nice to have that one place to go and keep up with my friends and my friends' friends life.  

This project is helping me to define a space where I can gather all of the exciting events that my friends are going working on. 

Everyone is so busy and we are doing so many fascinating things.  I thought it would just be a great gesture to create one space, online space that highlights all of these events.

Most of us are here in New York but there are a few of us scatter throughout the US that like would like to keep up with “what’s going on”.  This project has given me the opportunity to stop procrastinating and really move this forward. 

Initially, I was unable to decide if it was best to use Wordpress or Tumblr but based on what I’ve already learned it might be ok to do both.

I plan to update this weekly so the information is still relevant.  Based on the format that I am planning for this blog, most of the work will be linking to other sites but there will be some editing to include updates & info that is emailed.

I plan to work with a friend so that I am not the only one responsible for updating the info and we will add others as needed.



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