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Joseph Howard




What's Easier Than Selling to People Already Looking For What You Offer?

Gary is five years old and he and his little sister Misha think it would be a good idea to sell lemonade on the corner. $1 a glass - why not make a few bucks, right? They spend all morning mixing gallons of water with lemonade powder. Just as Gary and Misha are setting up, one woman comes up to their stand and says, "I was just thinking to myself that I was in the mood for lemonade. I'll take one glass!" Lucky for the two young entrepreneurs that this seemingly random woman walked by their stand at the exact moment when she was in the mood for what they were selling. Gary handed the woman a glass in exchange for her dollar and bid her adieu. Suddenly, 50 more people come walking down the street with that same thirst for a glass of lemonade. Gary and Misha sold out of lemonade in 15 minutes and made a cool 51 bucks. How lucky can two kids be?

What if this wasn't luck at all. What if everybody, including you, has the ability to sell to people who are not only in the market for your products or services, but who are actively looking for them. 

100 billion searches are performed in Google every month.

100 billion. That's 1,000,000,000. One thousand million. You get the picture.

Why do people use Google? To find what they want. Often, people are searching items or services that have a pricetag. What if you were a local hardware store, and showed up first for the search "where to buy a new hammer." If 100 people in your area make that search every month, that's 100 new hammers you have the potential to sell. At $10 a pop, that's $1000 more revenue every month and $12,000 more revenue every year than if you hadn't had Google on your side.

The reality is, Search Engine Optimization is the smartest way to sell because what's easier than converting someone who's actively searching for what you offer?


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