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"Whatever you are be a good one" - Abraham Lincoln

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2.19.14 / "Final" Numba 2

After scrutinizing this longer, I realized my banner's under-side wasn't consistently colored! I also added & slightly enlarged some dropshadows. Here's the newest version, though not much different:

2.17.14 / Textured "Final"

What better day to post the last steps to this piece than Presidents' Day?

I'm calling this "final" but I'm open to suggestions if you notice anything that needs tweaking. Thanks all! And a special thanks to MK – I loved your class and all the detailed instructions. I learned a lot and will definitely be recommending this to friends!

Below is my final piece and the hand-drawn textures that I worked with Thanks for taking a look!

Close up:

Handmade textures:

2.7.14 / Inked & Colorized

Well unfortunately I wasn't able to make the Feb. 6 deadline, but I definitely didn't want to rush these last steps. See below for the newest version in color, and if you'd like, the tightened ink and pencil tracings that preceeded it. I've hand-created my textures but haven't scanned them in yet. I'll save that for another exciting post because I've been staring at this for way too long and need to step away!

I'm worried there's too much of a visual pause / distraction before reading"ONE" ...or maybe it's just my tired eyes and it works as is. I attempted to remove the bottom of the crest and move "ONE" up, but it didn't fit together very nicely. I may try moving "Whatever" up a little to create more even leading around "you are".

Thanks again to anyone who read through this itty bitty rant and has feedback they'd like to offer! :)

Inked Up:

Refined sketch:

2.5.14 / Additional Sketch

Hi Ladies & Gents,

Here is the second larger sketch. I'm leaning towards this option for further refining and inking. I definitely need to redraw parts of this—like the word "Whatever" and maybe adding thickness or some sort of element to "Good". The drop cap W also needs to be a bit larger and more ornate too (and the rest of the word a tad smaller). I may overlap the y in "you" over the banner too. Sorry, just thinking aloud! I'm noticing it's helpful to scan my work in and look at it here on screen—it's easier to find areas that need work since the perspective is different from when I'm drawing.

Input welcome on these last two sketches especially! Thanks guys.

Scroll down for a larger image of the left side sketch from my previous post.

2.5.14 / More Sketching

Hi all,

Here's my newest sketch. It needs some tweaking and refining (esp. the words "Be A Good..."). I'm thinking I should lose the swirly lines around the banner and move "you are" up, it may be too busy as is. I'm hoping to upload additional work this evening — probably something closer to thumbnail #6 further below — but feel free to leave thoughts / advice. Thanks!

2.3.14 / Late night thumbnail fun!

Hey hey! Here are the thumbnail concepts I've worked up. I think I'm going to continue with thumb #6 & 7, though I may have to simplify #6 and am worried #7 may be too top-heavy. Constructive criticism welcome!



2.3.14 / Back to the drawing board!

I wanted to go back and get more out of my sketching by working on the different lettering styles Mary Kate covered in her first class. Not only was it helpful but it was fun to explore some styles that I'm not so familiar with drawing. I'm still thinking I'll work with the crest/banner sketch I initially uploaded, but I'm hoping this will lead to some tighter thumbnails — stay tuned!

1.15.14 / Getting Started

I've always loved this quote by Honest Abe (or at least we think it's his). Below are some of my preliminary sketches and mood board. Just a warning, these are a bit rough!! And you can ignore some of my goofy notes to myself :)

I've been kicking around a few different concepts and am not sure which direction I want to go in yet. One idea is a noble looking design with a crest and maybe a manuscript feel. I also tried a concept of a "good apple" surrounding the type. Another idea that I did not sketch in detail was to show Lincoln's hat with the type in the shape of a beard, or possibly just incorporating a variety of hats so the word "Whatever" could relate to all sorts of "hats" or roles people take on. For now however, I focused the crest / apple ideas because I thought they touched more on "be a good one".

Thanks for taking a peek and all advice is welcome and much appreciated!


My mood board:

Rough sketching: (Please note that I mean to make the crest less dominant!)

If I go with the "good apple" concept I'm wondering if the swirly outline is a bit much. I may be better off laying the lettering over a solid, textured apple shape. If I keep the outline though, I think I'd like to take it down a notch so the lettering stands out more.

Again, constructive criticism is welcome — thanks!


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