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Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up

Warm up with the word skirtMy first thumbnails! I'm having way too much fun. I like the bottom left and top right. I'm thinking about maybe combining the bottom middle and top right. I also like top middle. But none of them feel ready to be sketched yet. I'm also not sure if they catch the energy of the phrase. Any thoughts would be much appreciated! 

Three more thumbnails. I like the middle a lot, but I feel like "up!" might be awkward. 

Sketch before first pencil tracing. I want to refine "whatever"  and make it a little more consistent, I also need to line up the stitches next to the word "your". I'm also not crazy about the bottom of the S in "skirt", it's a little awkward. But I'm excited to keep going!

Final, inked up. Can't wait to digitize/color it in in the next class! 


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