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What the f--?

I'm resisting the idea of learning/using/installing new software tools. (Maybe my mind is trying to sabotage me, but I keep thinking, what happens if the power goes out?) Maybe I'm too old to learn new tricks. You can probably guess I'm not that computer-savvy.

I've had a list in Excel for a long time. I prioritize and check stuff off after I get things done. After watching the collecting and processing videos, I added some more crap to my Excel list. The idea of going through all the piles of notes and papers on my desk isn't that appealing. I can see why people hire personal organizers.

I'm going to watch the videos again and see if I feel less resistant.

Update 1/17/2014

I love that Fast Foward music. I think my organizing efforts would roll out a lot better if I had that music to motivate me.

I think I'm getting a sense of the process now. The open loops get sorted into Projects and/or Areas. Then you apply a system of tagging so you can find stuff again and choose what you want to work on now.

The tools matter less than the process. I can see how having everything synchronized across devices makes sense. I don't leave the office (home) very often, so no need to do much synchronizing. But I get the idea.

I notice someone asked a question about using Outlook and OneNote. Not being a Mac person, I had the same question. I will check it out and see if that might be useful. 

Update 1/21/2014

I'm happy to report that I am starting to understand the process flow. Because I work from home and I don't have devices to synch (and I'm PC not Mac), I think I can use Outlook's task manager with OneNote. With these two tools, I can follow most of what you are doing. I can send my tasks to OneNote. I can flag them in different ways so I can sort and filter them. I can make notebooks, projects, and pages in OneNote. As far as I can tell, I can duplicate most of the process.

Now I'm practicing capturing tasks in the task list as soon as I think of them. I plan to watch the videos again. My desktop is actually clear of paper and clutter. I'm starting to feel a little happy glow.


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