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Francis Redublo

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What the HELvetica?

AWW... I didn't know that my project tile was a "thing" on the internetz already. I still like it, so I'm going to use it. Perhaps if I think of a better one later, I can change it. 

Typography all around you

Literally. I quickly took photos of the typefaces that were in my room.

10 words / 10 typefaces

I wanted to play with the size, which is why I included the font sizes. Here's my explanation for the selection:

Sporty - The first thing I thought of was a letterman jacket. The Princetown LET font would have been perfect. Beautiful - Elegant. Cursive. I had wanted to use the Signerica font but I didn't want to purchase it. Simple - I wanted clean thin lines. Loud - Big and Bold! Traditional - Very old english. Traditional. Childlike - My first thought was something chalky. I had also wanted to do a "learning cursive" type. Ugly - This was hard for me. I just thought it was ugly because the U protrudes at an awkward angle. Danger - Big, bold, and clear. I also thought of cowboys, which is why I had selected this font. A hint of wild wild west? Futuristic - I knew I wanted the type to be angled/italicized. I also was thinking of curved corners. Flirty - Very fun and cute. Swirl. 

to be continued...


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