What personally motivates you to write about food?


My motivation to write about food is my love, curiosity and passion for it.  I love to learn about different cultures through eating, cooking, baking and traveling.

My love for tourism and food was imprinted in my soul by my dad. Since a very young age he was always talking about world history, the food of different cultures and his desires to travel to see all the world's wonders. My favorite memories are all the time to cooked together and traveled as a family during my childhood and teenage years. I was always very excited about the food part of the day. 

The happiest memories of my childhood and my teenage years always are with me whenever I am in the kitchen, at the dinner table, at the market, at the bakery, traveling or at a restaurant. 

These moments and memories ultimately gave me the motivation and desire to go to culinary school to become a baker. There is nothing that I like doing more than cooking and baking. The culinary arts to me have always being like having a superpower, and secretly I have always wanted to be one of Harry Potter classmates. My desserts and confections are inspired and come from that child inside of me. 

I want to write about food because I want to learn more  about the history of food, flavors, recipes and ingredients but in the process of learning , I also want to inspire others, even if it is just one person.