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What just happened to me? Social Media addiction = Mean Girls on crack

(I am thinking this pitch is for Jezebel, Mashable, The Awl, Hairpin, or Vulture)

Social media addiction is for real. And it is finally making its way into film. A few months ago, I had the good fortune of attending the first screening of King Kelly with Director Andrew Neel. Move over Heathers, King Kelly encapsulates zeitgeist in a manner that makes ironic hipster sarcasm seem like child's play.  From its aggressive opening, which would shock even Hollywood types (and you would not want to watch with your parents in the room no matter what age you are), through the remainder of the 24-hour span of the film, the film holds you in its visceral grip until its last breath. As the film ended and the lights came up, everyone gaped wordlessly as the titles finished. I think maybe one guy laughed awkwardly at the back of the room.  "What just happened to me?" I asked the person sitting next to me. "Dear god, is this our future? Is THIS what the Kardashians are spawning?" 

This story includes quotes and stories from Andrew Neel (he shares a few extreme reactions people have had to his movie). It also lays out scary facts about the current insanely rising rate of social media addiction and begs the question of whether we should worry about what Heathers screenwriter Daniel Waters called, "the way girls maintain their own oppression."

 Why me? I have a Phd in media studies and pop culture. I am the author of a book on ethics in Danish film and I am currently working on the (non-academic) book, "Social Media Addiction: We are the Truman Show." 

I think the lady readers of Jezebel are going to want to see this film on InDemand or Netflix and react to it. And if they have seen this film, then they definitely want to see Jezebel's take on it.

Let me know if you're interested. 



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