What inspires me

What inspires me - student project

Here's my mood board with the design that inspires me. I chose to focus on these three element: line, contrast and colors. 

What inspires me - image 1 - student project

What I noticed but I already know is that I LOVE line art, I think it's my favorite type of design, bold or light lines, I just love that you can show what you want with just line, and it can't still me powerful. It simple and efficient and I'm really drawn to that. 

I also love that you can use line with photography and it makes a perfect balance, a mix of the realness of a photography and the abstract of a drawing makes a perfect contrast that bring us to another world. I also love the contrast of colors like blues and pink, or warm color with cold color, I feel like this types of contrast make the design pop.

And last but not least, COLORS, I was always in love with colors, the mix of different tons of colors is the essence of a design. 

The three element and principles that I chose are complementary on all of the design that I chose, so I feel like it's the base of my style and I should focus on that. 

I don't know if I did the assignment right but thank you for reading me and I hope I didn't do too bad.