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What if...? Calculator

As of right now, this is a conceptual phase.  I am still deciding whether or not this is the app I want to be my 'first'.  

The idea probably was inspired by the time of the year (The New Year!) and all of these resolutions people are coming up with (myself included:/).  I began the 52 Week Money Challenge to help save for a trip I plan to take this Summer and I am doing a challenge to average 100 Push-Ups, 100 Sit-Ups, and 1 Mile Run each day for the year 2014.  

All of these resolutions and/or challenges involve some form of calculating and thus there is a result to the equations.  I'd like to have a more visual result of this.  So if I wonder things such as

--'what if I run 10 miles/week every week for the next year, how many calories will I have burned?'

--'what if I drink 3 Starbucks grande caramel lattes each week for the next year, how many calories will I be consuming and how any pounds will that have converted to?

   *I'm also considering putting a comparison function in the app to run another calculation with a different variable, so I could change grande to vente (or small, medium, large, etc) and have the results put up for comparison to show the trade off of maybe bumping your drink size down for the rest of the year and what that could mean for not gaining weight etc.

To get back to the visual part, it is all dandy to be able to run these calculations and see the answers, but this is usually done on a calculator and then C is pushed and its gone, or the piece of paper is crumpled up and thrown away.  I'd like to have it similar to the Notepad function in an iPhone to where it saves the calculations and you can add more...additionally, inside each calculation, you can link a photo to it and then text yourself or others the calculation, email, share it on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc, or take a Snapshot of the entire thing and do whatever you want with it!

Tinkering with calling it 'What If...? Calculator' or 'Life's Calculator' as of now.  Still in the brainstorming state.  

*Any recommendations, tips, concerns, questions would be greatly appreciated and more than welcome!


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