What if our Schools were as Eco-friendly as our Flowers?


So I quit my job and moved to New Zealand about 3 weeks ago to pursue my passion in energy efficiency. I've still got an adrenaline high from the life change and so I thought, what the hell, I'll give presenting a try!

In my talk I aim to intertwine a cullmination of my thoughts, research, and experiences around the topic of education and "green building" in order to illustrate the potential of an incredible harmony for our future generations. This is a topic that I am very passionate about and hope to inspire the viewer to think a little bit differently.

This video (watch here!) is not my first take, and not my last (please critique!). I spent all morning in the park presenting to the open air and grassy field around me, recording myself with my phone and playing it back to gain a better understanding of what I did, and didn't like about my talk. I did this over and over and over again. Any passerbyers had to have thought I was crazy. 

My Process:

  • writing

I started with written notes and images to create an outline.

I began running my outline through my head to see if it made any sense, because I figured the simpler it was, the easier it would be to understand. 

I cut a bunch out (indian images) because it just wasn't going to flow or connect in the 4 minutes we have.

I finally sat down and began writing and writing iterations of the flow and ideas I wanted to share.

  • speaking

After this was done, I began to speak it and cut as necessary to fit the timeline. As I spoke, I thought about the speakers that I find influencing in my life.

I have been very inspired by these speakers/artists :

Jason Silva, who uses short 5 minute videos to inspire people

Suli Breaks, who uses spoken word to iterate an idea

Ken Robinson, who uses humor and audience connection to create passion

and more....

but these three are fantastic and by emulating them in some aspects while i practiced my talk, I hope it will make me a better speaker and in time I will begin to take on a style that is more of my own. 


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