What greater gift than...

18/02 Update

After Mary Kate's advice I made the 'cat' bigger and tried navy and dark red as drop shadow. I must say I like how navy made drap-shadow cat more obvious! Also I made 'what greater' thicker and brought the letters of 'than' closer. It feels complete!




I picked "What greater gift than love of a cat?" by Charles Dickens.


I didn't want to get too crazy with composition becase I wanted to focus on lettering more.


I think "cat" and "gift" should be more emphasized and "than" gets more attention that it needs to.


(Not having a lightpad I have to draw on transparent paper which gets messy real quick.) Here is the redrawingwith the re-redrawing. I have illustrator C6 and it doesn't have the best tracing options so I tried to get as close as possible however I'm gonna have to use pen tool probably.



I did have to use pen tool :( I think I got it close enought but it looses that hand-made quality.


I doubled the swashes but they just look... trippy. I'll try drop shadows and little background patterns instead.


I messed up incorprating the question mark. I will also try other colour combinations and I'm not too sure about the wonkiness of "than" and "of a" but they are not too important. Also I stilll feel like as a whole it needs more dept.


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