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Janou-Eve LeGuerrier

Illustrator - Art director



What good have I done today?

* 12/06/13 UPDATE *

Then... It felt better to try another color combinaison!

* 12/04/13 UPDATE Night (!) *

I had a second though about the colors. I really want a night ambiance. So, this is, i think, my final image! It simplifies and the contrast are better (I think)...!

* 12/04/13 UPDATE PM *

Here is my final image! I have changed the background color. I think it reads better using these colors. Underneath, you wil find the different inking layouts. I really had fun working with my little fairies and discovering lettering. Thank you Mary Kate for this useful class!


Here are the inking layouts:

1-Pale yellow layer

2- Medium blue layer

3- Light blue layer:

4- Orange layer:


5- Green Layer

6- Dark Blue Layer

* 12/04/13 UPDATE AM *

Just finished inking! Let's now play with colors! 

Here is a first color propositions. I tried with a dark background.

* 11/27/13 UPDATE *

I have moved the word today... I think it fills more the space this way. I now feel ready for inking. What do you think? 

* 11/25/13 UPDATE *

Hello! I'm back...

I have chosen the second sketch and, as Mary Kate suggested it, solidified the composition in the moon. I think it works better. I also added some crater on the moon. Founded delicate to add crater too near the letters wich competed or was getting confusing. 

Do you think I should start inking or would you suggest some other improvements before? 

* 10/28/13 UPDATE *

Bonjour everyone! Just completed my firts sketches. I realized that working too small was not helping anybody for my overall projects. It seems that what I thought I could see was not as clear as I thought it would be. For now on, I will always do my thumbnails as clear and acurate so I can communicate easily with the clients... and also to myself! 

Here are my three sketches. The first one is more related to my initial moodboard. The second one was done more freely. And the last one. I tried to mix the freedom of the second all being more related to picture researd and thumbnails.

I like all of them. Which one do you prefer? Any comments, suggestions that could improve my project?

* 10/24/13 UPDATE *

Here are my thumbnails. The really small one are tests for me to configure the composition. I always work this way, as if it was done for tiny eyes. But I guess that I understand myself this way. However, I did practice to work bigger and enjoyed it. I would like to draw bigger thumbnails in further project. I am happy to change and learn this new way.

* 10/23/13 UPDATE *

I have been exploring with the word "today". I had lots of fun looking at the different shapes of letters. Can't wait to continue the project!

* 10/22/13 * PROJECT START 

I have chosen Benjamin Franklin's daily questions:

  • What good shall I do this day?
  • What good have I done to-day?

For this project, I will concentrate on the nightly question. I would like do both of the questions.  

Mélies poetic movies inspires me, along typography and ornementations of the beginning of 20th century. 

English is not my first langage, so I will keep my text short (!).

Here is my word research and my inspiration moodboard.


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