What draws me to art

What draws me to art - student project

First, I loved this class. I know I have a designer in me somewhere, but now I have solid elements and principles to help me better understand and communicate about it! Plus, I draw, and what's held me back greatly is not knowing my personal style. Right now I am immitating and learning technique, but I yearn SO much to create from my imagination. This course has helped me understand the elements I am drawn to, so I have some concrete things to draw on when creating. 

Without further ado- my 3 elements: line, color and contrast. I scoured my swipe file and my Pinterest, as well as new image searches for art, and these were the ones I was most pulled towards. Many of the images I curated have overlap, but I think you can see what I mean.

What draws me to art - image 1 - student project

Line: This one was the easiest for me. I love the simplicity of a line, but to me it seems important that the line often has emotion to it. It's not stick figures; but the simplicity of doing something small to say something bigger. A lot of illustration I adore is simply black and white. In other pieces, they've been inked on top of color for emphasis.

What draws me to art - image 2 - student project

Color. Color is so important to me it's in everything I touch, see and do. What I didn't realize is there seems to be a strong palette of colors I tend to prefer :) Jewel tones and other bold colors are really what captivate me. You could argue that tone plays a large role here in my preference as well, as some hue are tints while others are shades. 

What draws me to art - image 3 - student project

Contrast! I adore a good contrast. The pieces I've selected here have less to do with white vs. black, but more dark vs. light. It could be contrasting hues across the color wheel, close relationships, or even a light and dark of the same hue. 

I am so excited to go forth and play with my newfound elements and principles!