What do you think of these ideas?

Hello, thanks for checking the project. Below are my ideas. Let me know which one sounds the best or more interesting. Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Dreaming under sedation
1) Waking up on a bed Mario tries to understand the cause for being admitted at the hospital. He dreams of wild possibilities when checking the different bruises and scars in his body. After failed attempts to come up with the answer he finds the reason for his hospitalization is totally unexpected.

A word of Silence
2) A deafening noise wakes Maria in a barber shop. Shots blazing all around she finds herself next to a guy shooting at people outside the shop. The shooter kills three cops, injures others and tells her to keep quiet before committing suicide. Now taken by custody Maria ponders about breaking the silence as she's charged with murder.

A bomb and a Toy
3) A speeding bus causing mayhem on the downtown streets crashes and is surrounded by cop cars. The driver was following the direction of a deranged man with a bomb strapped to his chest. An older man tries to convince the bomber to let go of the kids. Remembering the boyhood trauma that drove him mad he decides on the faith of everybody in the bus.