Casey Keller

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What do you get when you cross a mustang with an eagle

One morning as I was waking up I could hear the coffee maker percolating and brewing what smelled like roses. So I got up out of bed, but in reality I was actually sleeping in my car. I tried opening the doors but they were looked and I couldn't get out so I crawled in the backseat to look in my tool box and the only thing that I could feel in my tool box was a cold feeling of steel so I grabbed it and it was a hammer. I had thought to myself that I really don't want to break the window cause then I would feel the the sharpness of the glass splatter all over my jeans. Reluctantly I drew my arm back and proceeded to break the glass, but just as I was about to break the glass, I saw an eagle flying right towards my window. I screeched in terror as it broke through my window and it was screeching at me then flew out the back window of my car which was weird because on side of my car it was rain and on the other side it was sun. I finally get out of my vehicle only to find that a very rough huge tree was in my way of fully getting out of my car. As I was crawling on the cold hood of my car inching forward my head finally reaching the end of the hood I looked down to find a key. I reached for it and it was hot but the ground underneath it was cool.     

There's my story

Casey J. Keller 


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