What did YOU do to help stop global warming?

What did YOU do to help stop global warming? - student project

The poster shows Grandma and her grandchildren sitting by the Christmas tree. The atmosphere is depressing, in the background you can see a misery-looking tree, and the sun is burning outside. I imagined grandma telling her grandchildren stories about the times when the Christmas atmosphere was totally different. Depressed children ask grandma how she was trying to stop these cruel changes of global warming. I tried to express at grandmother's face sadness, surprise and regretness because she did not enough.

The message of the poster is that we are responsible for our actions. Big things starts with the small changes. Instead of looking sideways to find the guilty one, we should be focus on our own decisions. I also decided to show children who ask an uncomfortable question because young people are already beginning to account for previous generations for their destructive activities, for example the Fridays for Future movement.

This art is inspired by a poster presented by Mirko Ilić during the lesson depicting father being asked by childrens about his achievements in the Great War.


What did YOU do to help stop global warming? - image 1 - student project