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Mitzie Testani

I draw nowns.



What boys & girls are made of


Here is the second treatment along with the first: I think I prefer the white on black best.

After reworking this a few times, I've changed the layout a bit.

Here's how it looks in use:

Hello all! Tried some things with the Scripty type (think I'm going to save that for the "Girls" version. Wondering if one of these 2 versions is working better? Thanks so much for your thoughts on this!

I still need to tighten the lettering a bit, and I think I need to choose a different style for the scripty "Little" (not everyone is reading it.)

Sample use: (I'm just picking a random version - still would like feedback)

Questions for the class:

- What else is unreadable?

- how is the hierarchy?

- is the slingshot/baseball combo working better?

- is the 1 color approach working? (want this to be on dark colored t-shirts)

Thanks - in advance - for your feedback!

Here are some rough sketches and the direction I am heading. I wanted to do this in the victorian style, but it feels so busy to me. So I am starting to favor the last 2 as final directions for the t-shirts. My girls' option is similar, so I want to get with a final stage on the boys' version first. Was also playing with the idea of changing out the y with a slingshot, but I'm not sure it's working. I have several projects going at once, but I will try to get this to a final stage as soon as possible! I want to think about the t-shirt lettering and also some belly bands to wrap them with.

Sorry I'm late starting this class! Attached is my mood board. My "label" will be a t-shirt set for boys & girls (is that okay if it's not a t-shirt label? Still want to use a hand-done type solution).

I want to update the Mother Goose saying of what boys & girls are made of. Not sure if the copy will read the same - it's obviously outdated and prejudiced against puppy's tails. I'm currently gathering some very informal survey information of what people think it means to them. If you would like to give your response to what boys and girls are made of, too, I would really appreciate it!


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