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What an excellent day for an exorcism

Hello everyone!

I'm graphic designer from the UK and love all kinds of hand lettering, I've seen some lovely work being created in this class and thought this course would be perfect to brush up on my skills and share my project with you all. 

Starting this project: 24th Oct

To begin my hand lettering project, I wanted to create a halloween themed post and the quote I've chosen is from the 1973 film the Exorcism.

Here's some of the references I've used to begin my design:


Here's my initial sketches, and the first pencil draft of the design.

I began by looking at a blackletter lettering but I didn't like how it was working so created a version with a slab serif letter style and this fitted the look I was going for much better. I knew at this point some of the details i wanted to add, such as the ghosts floating up the lettering and the grave stones at the underneath the type.



After creating these sketches, I took a step back to look at the composition with fresh eyes and noticed that exorcism was spelt wrong! Oops! must have got too carried away when i was drawing the letter forms. To correct this, I drew the missing 'C' on a scrap of paper, which I scanned an incorporated into the digital artwork.

This is a first look at some of the design that’ve digitised. This colour palette wasn’t working and the contrast between the purple and orange didn't have reflect a vintage feel. 


Since then, I’ve changed the colour palette to a faded/burnt orange red (from my inspiration board) and kept the range of colour to a minimum. The reds, oranges and greys look much better and tie the design together. I've also added a few more details to the illustration such as the hand reaching up from the ground, the vintage swirl decoration and a cross in the ground.


I’m happy with how the illustration has developed so far, and now I'm about to add texture and a  destress feel.

Would love to hear any feedback/comments you have so far.

Update: 25th Oct

Here's a couple of textures i've made, I haven't got a working printer  to print of the design and to create textures over the top like Mary Kate did in the video, so instead I used my computer as a light box bumped up the brightness and used a brush pen - this seems to work well but I was careful to test the pen didnt bleed through the paper first :)  

Most of the textures I made didn't look right so I cheated a little and found the black texture below online (sorry I can't remember the link).


The result:

Below is the final version with added texture, this was tricky to decide what opacity and colour each texture should have as there's millions of combinations. 


Thanks for the feedback so far, and thank Mary Kate for the really detailed steps in this course! I really enjoyed the process.


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