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What Why

We retain facts, figures and names from history but rarely the lessons. 

I look around at the world and the treatment of other beings, regardless of species or form and I am just confused. Angered by the weakness, of those who perpetrate hate and mindless destruciton and those who stand by on the sideline doing nothing. Worst still is those in power who have the ability to change policy and move humanity to a place above our past mistakes. 

This was inspired by the image of Aylan Kurdi which brought me too tears and again struck within me this confusion, What, Why why...

Thank you James, your work, your views, your lessons have all guided my development as a graphic designer and as an artist. 

I painted Aylan, then I painted the question mark, then I painted the type using all the insight from this course, then I put the two together in photoshop. 


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