What We Did Today

What We Did Today - student project

What We Did Today - image 1 - student projectWhat We Did Today - image 2 - student projectI loved this class and wanted to try it right away! I did my first illog on the iPad in Procreate from memory of our day. I home school my son and since it is so involved, I am finding less time to create on my own. It has been a very real deficit for me, not drawing as much in the last few months. I am grateful for this idea and class that Mimi created, because now I can get some art of my own in and document our week- brilliant! I loved her idea of the blue sketch pencil, and leaving some of that after I "inked" in the art. It gives a great undertone and texture to my flat sketches. There are some big blanks spots on my page, but it had gotten very late and I needed to go to sleep! Great class, I had so much fun, I'm glad I stayed up way past my bedtime drawing "again"!