What Time Is It? Creating a Pebble Watch Face

--Class Title--

What Time Is It? Creating a Pebble Watch Face

--Project Title--

Show Time Without a Clock

--Project Description (Work in progress)--

Traditional watch faces are driven by the heritage of mechanical watches with a round face and hands. Though a simple formula, this has led to stunning displays of craftmanship from watchmakers across time and around the world. As watches move into the digital world, however, we have the opportunity to display the time in any way imaginable. Let's see what we can come up with!


  1. Notes, sketches, mock-ups
  2. Pictures of in-progress watch face and final watch face
  3. Links to the Pebble store if you publish your watchface (and you should!)
  4. (Optional) Link to a GitHub project containing the code for your watch face

--Video Outline (Work in progress)-- 

Introduction: What is a Pebble?

  • Introduction
  • What you need


  • About the Pebble
  • Getting set up
  • Your first watch face
  • Mixing it up

Project: Showing time with shapes

  • Design
  • Making shapes with Pebble
  • Showing the time with shapes
  • Publishing my watch face

Neat! What next?

  • Talk to the Internet
  • Phone companion apps
  • Conclusion


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