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Lori Carr

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What Started My Vintage Fashion Passion

I sold my business, retired from pet grooming, met the man of my dreams and became an empty nester all in the same year. It was then that I had to re-evaluate my life and ask myself questions like: What do I like? Am I the person that I hoped to be at this stage of my life? Where do I want to go from here? All of these questions took me some time, some growth and some tears to answer. So here it is, I love vintage clothing and accessories! I want to be my own boss! And I want to enjoy and inspire the people that I meet everyday with my passion!

I want this project to be a representation of who I have become as a person and as an entrepreneur. I would love to be able to encorporate this project into my blog and other media venues that I have discovered.

I hope that any feedback that I get from others on this project as I go along will be honest, even if it hurts. Because I want this to be good!

Title: The Start Of A Vintage Fashion Adventure

    I will start my video with a quick show of myself beginning a true story of a dream that I had that inspired me to begin my vintage fashion business.

    The camera will move to a picture of  an old home and then move on to a series of  hanging vintage dresses and stop on a long vintage dress laid out nicely on a bed as I tell the story of my dream. At the end of the story I will show three chairs sitting facing each other on the side of a room.  

    In my dream, I had moved into an old home and was taking my best friend on a tour of the house. I had taken her into a room where I had started a collection of vintage clothing. When we walked into the room there was a man with a weapon who was very upset and crying. I asked him what he wanted and he just babbled on about how upset he was over a loss so I asked him to go sit down on a chair over on the side of the room so I could talk to him and try to help him out.  As he went to go sit down, I ran into another man, this man was old, and he was also upset and crying. He wasn't angry like the first man, but he was sad. He was standing over my bed and was carefully laying out an old dress and begging me to make sure it was taken care of as it had belonged to his deceased wife. I asked him to go sit next to the other man and turned to my friend who was very frightened and I told her that I was going to have a therapy session with the men if she wanted to stay and help. She declined and ran out of the room as I went over to the men to see if I could console them.

    At the end of my video I will show myself and speak of how that was what fueled my decision to begin my vintage fashion business.




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