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What My First Class Will Be

So I decided to do a class on Evernote. I'm using the course to complete the May Teach challenge (btw, I think by completing that I get $100 - woo hoo!).

The course will be about the basics of Evernote. I'm calling it Evernote 101+. The plus is for the little extras that most basic courses don't teach. I've been using Evernote for years and it's a great way to organize yoru business and life in general.

The best part about this is as I've researched more things for the class, I realized that there is way too much for a 101 class. Good for me! I'll then produce follow-up courses about more specific things to do within Evernote. I may have an entire class just on tags, for example.

There are a lot of great ways to use Evernote, and the more I come across I'm saving all this info and I'll use it for further classes. I think this is a great way to start on Skillshare. They even say that the best courses are short (10-25 min total), have a fun project, and focus on one specific topic. I think my courses will fit that perfectly.

As you can see, I already created a cover image for the class. I may or may not keep it, but I wanted something to make the class more alive for me as I'm developing it. 

I'll post a link to the class when I'm done. I actually wanted to finish THIS course before creating the videos because I knew this course would be very useful to getting the class finished!

Great job Neil! I'll keep you and the other students posted about my progress.



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