What Inspires Me and What I Hate

What Inspires Me and What I Hate - student project


(I'm really not good at coloring with pencils and markers, so I hope digital art is okay)

What Inspires Me and What I Hate - image 1 - student project

This word was the key to my first major breakthrough in over-coming my demons from being bullied and living in an abusive household. I never realized it until finding the right therapist, but I was living in a constant state of feeling Worthless. 


Once I realized that, I began to live my life as someone who is worth it.  For me, the cacti aren't just a symbol of where I come from (Arizona), but also a symbol of how I saw myself: Prickly and untouchable on the outside and hollow on the inside.


Now, I see the cactus as beautiful, strong, dangerous when handled improperly, enduring and filled with potential. Even cacti bloom.


What Inspires Me and What I Hate - image 2 - student project

Since I joined this Workshop a tad late, I didn't quite get to the other exercises, but completing this Hate one was very cathartic. 


I got really frustrated at first and I was going to quit the workshop altogether. I'm not very good at expressing concepts in a visual, abstract sort of way. But after completing this exercise after all, I really liked how it turned out. 



Hopefully I can come back to finish the rest! (I think I may have taken on too many workshops at once)

Elizabeth Wendler
Digital Art / Photography / Illustration