What I'm gonna do, that they come to you.... uhm to me!

What I'm gonna do, that they come to you.... uhm to me!  - student project

I had a great start marketing my class, because of my friends and family enrolling and posting projects and reviews. For one night I was at position 31 of all skillshare classes and got 8 enrollments while I was sleeping. This was great! 

But now I'm stuck. There are almost no enrollments anymore. I dropped to position 69 and I'm only number 3 in culinary now...

So thanks a lot for your tips.

What I did immediately is changing the cover image, to a totally different style I had developed before, but my co-teach-challenge-teachers said that the image of the food would be better. 

I am searching for facebook groups, because I'm no member in english speaking facebook groups and it's hard to market the class in german ones.

I changed my tagline.

I'll change my bio picture

I think the Category is ok, because there are not many categories for cooking classes

I think the Tags are ok, because I still trend in the subcategories I have as tags and breakfast is a good tag as well for my class. Perhaps I could think about something like "healthy meals"

I have to start getting engaged in the oktober teach challenge and in the returning teachers challenge.

I'll comment even more there... But I have the feeling, that just commenting doesn't bring students. ;(

I'll look again at my class description. - I really have the feeling, that my conversion is not good.

What's a good conversion rate at skillshare? I seem to have about 14%, with dropping tendency...

I like the Freebies Idea. I'll insert this to my profile and to my class.

I like the MEME idea? But my head is empty. I have now idea, what it could be.... :(

Well that's about what I did and what I plan to do to get my class UP again!!! :) 



As my enrollments kept stagnating, I tried to create something funny. I'm afraid it's not a meme, but what do you think?

What I'm gonna do, that they come to you.... uhm to me!  - image 1 - student project

I have some positive reactions, but still nobody would use my link from facebook to skillshare to really enroll... :(

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