What-If Scenarios

What-If Scenarios - student project

For my project, I thought I’d share some of the what-if scenarios I came up with while completing Gayle's second exercise. I had a lot of fun coming up with these — here are some of my favorites!


  • What if we could time travel but not change the course of history?
  • What if we all interpreted the same words differently?
  • What If I’m actually in a coma right now but don’t know it?
  • What if we could insert ourselves into the pages of any book?
  • What if everyone was born without the ability to see color? What if color didn’t exist?
  • What if there is a book hidden in a library somewhere that details how the rest of time will unfold? What if someone found the book? 
  • What if you were offered the chance to know your future on the condition that you had to forget everything from your past?