Charlotte Erichsen

Is art better than chocolate?



What I read

The first habit really took me by surprise, because I thought I should read less to get more done. of course I am mostly reading for entertainment, but also a lot of newspaper to stay up to date with the world.

The books I chose for the next time:

1. Profession (artist and programmer):
"Share your work! 10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered" by Austin Kleon

I found this book a while ago in a museum shop and only read the first one or two chapters. But since I am on Skillshare and did Ria Sharons amazing course on how to start and maintain a daily art routine and have started a channel on instagram (@lottefirlefanz) as part of the course, I felt it would be time to read this book completely.

2. Personal developement:
"Mindfuck" by Petra Bock

This book might be only available in german, I found no hints of a translation to english. Basically it talks about how we sabotage ourselves with old thinking, thoughts we took over from parents, society and history that don't fit into our modern times and hinder us in multiple ways.


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