What I overcome: anxiety

What I overcome: anxiety - student project

Nowadays, college is no longer a place solely for knowledge. College also represents future career, social network, and personal abilities. Thus, people tried very hard to catch up with their peers. Interning, learning new languages, joining student government, etc became a trend in colleges not because of students' interest but because of the anxiety from peer pressure. I noticed such anxiety in my own college life.

Because I took a gap year, I suffered a lot from peer pressure. Most of my classmates just finished their sophomore year. They have solid knowledge, good job offers, and clear career plan. However, as a freshman, my future is still vague. Starting slower than most of my classmates in China, I felt anxious every time I heard their progress in life. This type of anxiety made encouraged me to work hard and at the same time worrying so much about my progress. When I am studying, I can't even feel the fun of obtaining knowledge. Also, I started to lose temper easily when accidents happened or someone else interrupt my plan. After living in such anxiety in a whole year, I found there is something wrong and I decided to change.

Peer pressure is a dangerous double side sword. It not only can motivate you by stress but also can destroy you by leading you to the wrong direction. I found that because of the anxiety, most of my life decisions during freshman year were made without careful thought. Is what good for my classmates beneficial for me? Some of the answers are no. Everyone lives their own life, so other's achievement should not make me anxious as long as I am trying hard to living my life. Realizing this fact, I started to slow myself down and examine my decisions. The anxiety disappeared while I found what I really want for my life.