What I need to be me

Purpose Statement:  Today I choose to be fully present, mindful of the space I'm in emotionally and physically and will see that my needs are met so that I can do my life's work - striving for a socially responsible and just society. 

                                                                    What I need to be me:

  • Physical:  I will go on 2 walks and particpate in 1 yoga session a week.  I will also put good food into my body and monitor my food intake.  
  • Emotionally:  I will not check my iPad or Cell phone applications when waking up.  Instead I will light a candle and write morning pages for 20 minutes.  
  • Mentally:  I will keep my living space organized and clean so that I have space to create beatiful things.  
  • Spirituality: I will create space in my life and spend 20 minutes each day in meditaiton and will also make time to attend live shows by bands that I like (AWOLNATION is my kinda church). 


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