What I learned...

I learned that it's easier to navigate through a sales pitch if you let your client do most of the talking while the salesperson listens. I realized that the culture here in the Philippines is quite different and more straightforward rather than engaging in small talk and the industry I'm in as well is more of in the technical side.

But I've learned that I can use these questions as a guiding principle that will help me navigate a sales pitch in the future. Even if I don't get the desired answers I'm expecting, I can use these questions as an outline to set a tone for my next meetings.

I used to be an aggressive salesperson that just gets right to the point (this may lead to awkward silences or begging in the end). And now I know that listening is an important part of being an effective account manager (my current role).

Thank you! I've learned so much and I'm excited to keep learning more from you!