What I have learnt from Employed!

What I have learnt from Employed! - student project

This class has inspired me to learn more skills outside of my normal comfort zone. It's inspired me to look around Skillshare at other courses that I may not ordinarily take, just so I can gain skills in areas that I would normally neglect or not think I am good at. A lot of how I got to where I am was built on starting from scratch with my own business, where previous to starting my business, I had no skills in a lot of fundamental areas. So this class has inspired me to take action, and as a result I am going to learn a new spoken language and get this under my belt.

On a side note it has also helped me to feel appreciative of the position I am in doing a job I love, and encourages me to try and test new projects that I can also teach in the future. 

Michael Suppo
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