What I got out of this class

Even though I'm the one teaching the class, doesn't mean I didn't get something! Here's what I wrote for the Day 10 prompt:


What I got out of this class

It has been a while since I created a class. As my own career has shifted, subjects I once taught I no longer feel the need to. In creating a class about journaling—something completely different than my other classes—I've rekindled something I thought I lost. The love of teaching. It's in creating this class and going through the prompts myself that I realize it's not that I stopped being a teacher, I just didn't have that next thing worth teaching. Once I did, the class sort of just happened.

This serves as a reminder for me to follow my curiosity wherever it takes me and to trust that as long as I'm excited about what I'm doing, I'll naturally want to teach it.

Hayden Aube
Illustrator & Designer