What I Procrastinate the Most

What I Procrastinate the Most - student project

The activity I most procrastinate on is my fiction writing. It is the one thing I love to do the most – weaving stories that others can read and get lost in – but it is also the thing I am most sensitive to criticism about.

I don't mean the constructive kind, where someone points out that I might have a plot hole that I missed (oh, look. A Mack truck just drove through that hole – how'd I miss that? :D) Or, if my character did something that seems so out of character that people are scratching their heads and wondering if they just met the evil twin. I mean the “critic”. The one who will point out every flaw, big and small; real or imagined. The one that doesn't simply point out mistakes but verbally attacks the person instead of the writing. I've dealt with this type in the past. It's not a simple matter of “your writing needs work” to them. It's “you suck at writing and should do anything but ...”

Unfortunately, I have my own built in critic, which doesn't help. It's easy (easier) to get rid of the sound of someone else's voice. It's an entirely different matter to tell yourself to shut up and get out of the way. Something I've been working on lately, since my last writing stoppage over a month ago.

Pair that with a (not so) healthy dose of perfectionism, and it is a recipe for a crippling fear of never being “good enough”. That is another issue I'm working on. I'm determined to succeed; to, once and for all, get out of my own way and do what I love to do.

The class is a great reminder of what's wrong and what I can do to fight back. Thank you.