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What I Love Most About My Home...


For this project I want to make something that welcomes a new member of our family to our new home.

I've chose this quotes for my project:

  • "What I love most about my home is who I share it with." -Tad Carpenter

(This quote was a very close second: "Home is any four walls that enclose the right [people]." -Helen Rowland).


I had a really hard time narrowing down my source material. I found a lot of great inspiration and I'm going for something home-y with a vintage touch. Here's my mood board: 

Lettering Warm-Up

I thought the feel of my serif lettering worked well with my mood board so I'm going try to incorporate that into my project.

I liked my ornate lettering too but it didn't have the right feel. So I tried a few more lettering warm-ups and landed on a style that I worked.


Now that I have direction for my lettering styles I started to sketch the layout of the piece.

It's probably obvious by the greater amount of detail but I really gravitated towards the two bottom-left concepts that show the frame of a house.

I really like displaying "My Home" on an angle and having that break the container but my thumbnails didn't address how to display the other text around it well.

In this last thumbnail, I incorporated swashes similar to the Molly Pitcher and address label examples in my mood board. I like how they add movement and I can flourish them in spots to address any large gaps of whitespace.

Refined Sketch #1

Here's my first attempt:

I think that I spent more time erasing than sketching but I'm happy with the results.

One thing that I went back-and-forth-and-back-again was how decorative to make the "house" border. I had a leave pattern in the thumbnail but it just looked too gaudy every time I tried it.

Refined Sketch #2

I got some great feedback from Dana, Jenny and Mary Kate (thank you, thank you, thank you) after posting my first refined sketch.

Here's my second attempt:

In this version I adjusted the layout of "What I Love Most" and reworked the swashes so create a better flow and rhythm with the other words. I also reintroduced the chimney and changed the borders. I did a little cleanup towards the bottom but the top half and border was my main focus.

I'm really happy with the improvements and happily welcome any additional suggestions.

On a side note, one thing that worked really well for me was to print out a couple of copies of my first sketch at about 10-20% opacity and trace/draw on the printouts. I don't have a lightbox and I didn't want to screw up my original sketch. Plus it made it really easy to start over if I needed to because I had multiple copies.

Final in Ink

Final in Color


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