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What Goes Around - FINAL DRAFT

*UPDATED 7/20/14 -  First thank you to anyone to take a few minutes to read my story is a real honor for me.  With that said this is the first script I have ever written so I hope you enjoy it.


I read Spoon River Anthology and chose "DOC HILL" as the poem to adapt my story from.  I tried to stick to the story told in the poem as much as possible so I hope I did it justice. 

The original poem goes:

I Went up and down the streets 

Here and there by day and night, 

Through all hours of the night caring for the poor who were sick. 

Do you know why? 

My wife hated me, my son went to the dogs 

And I turned to the people and poured out my love to them.

Sweet it was to see the crowds about the lawns on the day of my funeral,

And hear them murmur their love and sorrow. 

But oh, dear God, my soul trembled, scarcely able 

To hold to the railing of the new life

When I saw Em Stanton behind the oak tree 

At the grave, hiding herself, and her grief!

I read this as, a man who can't handle his issues at home so instead he devotes himself to those he can help.  In return it blinds him of a love he will never know.  I hope to show this with a present day setting with a possible real life event. I felt this would help to show the depth of the unaware self disrcution of the main character in this story.  I hope I can translate the poem into a story that everyone can relate to or at least understand that these issues are still relevant today. 

I used Chicago for my setting, if you haven't heard of the violence surrounding Chicago it is out of control. Every weekend I search "Chicago weekend violence" and I always see the same results:


Intresting how the last line in the above artical is "shooting deaths in Chicago were down for the year" 17 deaths in 2 days is down from last year!




Draft 3:


Draft 2:


Draft 1:



TITLE:  What Goes Around

LOGTAG: A Chicago surgeon believes saving the lives of the less fortunate can somehow save him from his own tortured reality. 

Synopsis: Brad Hill is a trauma surgeon at North Western Medical Center in Chicago the busiest in the nation.  On the eve of a new promotion he is in for yet another long night with a call from his ex, an unlikely encounter with his drug addicted son and dealing with another gang shooting.  He escapes from reality into his work searching for the love and affection he can't find anywhere else.


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