What’s that plant again?

What’s that plant again? - student project

This was a great exercise in trusting the process and not overworking a sketch. I’m pretty prone to having a rough sketch that I’m generally pleased with, only to work it into the ground until it morphs into a whole new creature. I also really appreciated your instructions on the right and left brain. The perfectionist side can be awfully loud and bossy. I really appreciate this wonderful course you put together.

My chair reference photo from Pinterest and sketches.


What’s that plant again? - image 1 - student project

What’s that plant again? - image 2 - student projectI didn’t save the reference image that I had used for house plant but it was a very similar plant and visual orientation to this photo from Etsy. What’s that plant again? - image 3 - student projectWhat’s that plant again? - image 4 - student project
For my workplace I just looked at my actual desk. I found it very interesting how much I "cleaned up" between the observation and iteration images. Haha.What’s that plant again? - image 5 - student project

When I heard "interesting pose" it didn’t even cross my mind that these elements were going to be combined at the end of the project... so I chose this lovely lady standing on her chair. 
What’s that plant again? - image 6 - student projectWhat’s that plant again? - image 7 - student projectThere was quite a bit of reorganization during the final sketches. Some things were exaggerated while others were moved, minimized, or eliminated all together. Having my little lady standing on the chair really threw me for a loop. All through the final sketches I followed the rules and did not reference any of my previous sketches or photos. 
What’s that plant again? - image 8 - student projectIn the end I also added a rug to help anchor the image and reoriented the layout from portrait to landscape to expand on the plant. This was a struggle  at first but ended up being a lot of fun. Thank you for pushing me. Brene Brown says a mark of a good book for her is when it gets thrown across the room at least once because it’s a sign of growth. Well, I have a verbal version of that when I got to the final assignment but knew that meant it was going to stretch my skills and recall. So, once again, thank you for a very well done course.

What’s that plant again? - image 9 - student project