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Maya Bogdanova

Instructional Designer




I finally sat down to do this course after having signed up months ago. So glad to be finally learning the basics. I love patterns like probably most of you joining this course. I love patterns but int he same time I am quite a minimalist person so I will try something simple. 

I wanted first to create a pattern for the contest on Jazz and developed the concept map and all but then never got aroudn to do the design. So this time I decided to try and choose a more specific  contest so then the concept creation is faster and then I get to actually making the pattern. Some of the main inspiration images I had for my topic Whale are here:


The contest at Spoonflower has a palette so I was limited to some rather strange colors for a Whale theme. I would have prefered some dark blues and greens in there but these are the rules so here is my current progress. 

Here is the way that I imagine it being made into a pattern:

I wanted to kind of present visually the grace of the whale even though its size and also I wanted to make the viewer smile at the size difference between the whale and the fisherman. Because of my minimalist side I am wondering right now if I should keep it more simple and remove the fisherman and just keep the whale and the water. What do you think?


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