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Whacked Out Raccoon

I went through different character ideas for all the shapes and completely overthought this class in 16,000 ways before accidentally doodling a raccoon that totally led me to my character.

Everything in my project is drawn on paper and scanned. I'm learning to use Photoshop & Illustrator, but let me take care of one thing at a time, jeeze. 


I went with a pear, because I stink at following simple rules and I just felt it worked for what I was doing better.


I thought I was going to do some square evil businessman, but that wasn't jiving for me and I was aimlessly doodling while trying to figure out this wicked tycoon. Amidst several unsuccessful attempts, a wild raccoon appears. I immediately fall in love with the little rascal.


Then, I drew a bunch of bandicoots or something.


Totally feeling better about this whole pear-shaped raccoon thing. The bottom left is definitely who I've been looking for, flies and all.



Finally, my raccoon & his shadow. Thanks for the class, it was awesome! 


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