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Colum Higgins

Passionate about game design



Whack-A-Noughts and Crosses

Whack-A-Noughts and Crosses

Whack-A-Noughts and Crosses mixes regular Noughts and Crosses with something like whacking a players piece into the board .

1. The Crosses player goes first and places an X on any empty space on the 3 x 3 board. 

2. The Noughts player goes next and places a O on empty square OR on top of an X  which is already on the board. This whacks the opponent's X under the board.  

3. But if an opponent has been whacked they get to choose where it pops back, in any unoccupied space on the board. And they then get to take their regular go straight away. 

4. First player to make 3 in a line wins. 

Now for some more play testing ...


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