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Stephanie Scott Means

Creative Director



We've Moved!


My photo announcement postcard is to tell my friends and family that we bought our first house and to give them our new address.

My project was steered by the fact that I was using it as my teaching demonstration so I wanted it to include a few things that I didn’t fit into the intro. In the end I decided that a simple photo collage would do the trick.

I knew I would want to have a lot of photos to choose from. So, after I spent some quality time on Pinterest, I went outside and just started taking some pictures. 

I think the idea of sending out a change of address notification snail mail is a bit retro and my house is pretty old so I wanted to play with those ideas. 

I was surprised by the outcome. My beautiful house on film translated to a sea of green, yellow and red. 

Our south facing back yard and shaded bedroom window means the front of the house will be perpetually in shade. Not so photogenic, but there is one photo that captured my heart.


The Ikea catelogues were always my favorite catalogues and this picture looked like it belonged in one from the 80's. It cracks me up.  

I also got some light flares that I want to play with in a collage. 



Pre Photoshop Photos






In the end I went with the lense flare, but I think I'm still going to try getting up at sunrise to see what the light is like then. 

My next class will need another example to demonstrate a mail merge, so I have incentive. 


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