Wetherbee Beverage Co.

Wetherbee Beverage Co. - student project

For my label, I've chosen to create a crate label for a fictious beverage company. My last name, Wetherbee, is often used in my design work since it's unique and recognizable, and I'm rather partial to it; so I decided, to keep my focus on the layout and design, that I would keep things simple and use my name. 

There's always been something fascinating about design before computer. Jon explained it well in his first syllabus video when he talked about the mistakes and imperfections that come from art made with our hands. I'm wanting to capture that imperfectly perfect design that embodies the simplicity of old typography and art, and yet is memorable and eye-catching. 

My end goal is to hand paint my label design on the side of a crate!


Below is my moodboard for the Wetherbee Beverage Co. crate label.

Wetherbee Beverage Co. - image 1 - student project


I worked on a few rough sketches today (and got caried away and inked a couple of them. I can be impatient.) There's elements that I like, and elements that definitely don't work.

I pretty certain that I want a bottle worked into the label design in some way, although I'm not surehow yet. on two of the roughs, I connected the G and E in beverage. I like how it flows, and will probably use that idea in the final piece. I also found myself gravitating towards the business name following a curve like I did in several roughs. In my last mockup below, I wasn't too happy with my scripty type for Wetherbee. I'll be messin with that more. 

Wetherbee Beverage Co. - image 2 - student project

Wetherbee Beverage Co. - image 3 - student project


I've started to lock in the layout and structure of the design a bit more, and I'm really liking the progression of it. I have a few options that I've toyed around with, but I'm leaning towards the first layout below. 

1. In this mockup, I chose to have 'etherbee' be in small caps instead of full-size caps. It made the movement of the word look a lot more natural. I also like having a little room to add the embellishing swoops to the W. For the Co. portion, I made the o into a bottle cap (thanks for the suggestion, Samuel) which I really like. the only part I'm not happy with is how big Co. is. Any suggestions for that? Oh, and what are your thoughts on the line connecting the R and the A? The letter weights and typefaces would have to be the same in order for me to do that (which I'm not opposed to), but I had originally thought about doing seperate typefaces for the two words.

Wetherbee Beverage Co. - image 4 - student project

2. In this option, I chose to have 'etherbee' have the extending line height to reach the outside of the rectangle. Which, by doing so, leaves no room for the swoop lines up near the W.

Wetherbee Beverage Co. - image 5 - student project

3. On this layout, I made all the text (except the B) in small caps. I'm not sure how I feel about this idea, nor do I like the amount of swoop lines I added... It gives me the impression that it's windy. Not what I'm going for.

Wetherbee Beverage Co. - image 6 - student project


It's been a while since I've done an update to my project, but I've made some headway. The general structure has remained consistant, while a few small things have changed. The stars added an American heritage vibe that I was originally missing.

I'll be posting another update to the piece later today or tomorrow. I have some additions to the overall label that I want to share with you all (some banners and embellishments).

Wetherbee Beverage Co. - image 7 - student project

Jordan Wetherbee

Freelance Designer