Wet cyanotype

Wet cyanotype - student project

I was really excited after watching this class and wanted to try all of the things right away with my cyanotypes but the effect wasn’t really impressive idk y D: I used bubbles, vinegar, turmeric. Was it the surface? I used 100 gsm cotton cold pressed khadi paper. Looked like my sensitiser washed after rewetting and putting bubbles on :(

Wet cyanotype - image 1 - student project

Wet cyanotype - image 2 - student project

Next attempt - 200 gsm smooth regular mixed media paper. I guess the results aren’t that bad but still idk y large part was washed or stained gray in a weird way but at least I was getting somewhere! I used only bubbles and turmeric. These were also made in larger scale (A3).

Wet cyanotype - image 3 - student project

Wet cyanotype - image 4 - student project

Lastly I tried cold pressed montval watercolour paper 300gsm and I think the results there were the most pleasing and interesting. First bubbles only.
Wet cyanotype - image 5 - student projectAnd then a little bit of everything, including coffee.

Wet cyanotype - image 6 - student project

Overall I am happy with the results but still not sure if the thickness of the paper make that much of a difference? Or maybe it was too wet? Not sure. I think my prints are really nice anyway so I decided to share (: 

Flores Gray
Mixed media artist