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Hi, My name is Evelyn and I hope to soon open an Etsy store to supplement my income. I currently work as a GSA at a five star resort and really don't want this for my career, as it turns out! So I'm exploring different ways I can do what I like and earn a living. In order to open the store with a professional look, I decided to take this class in order to brand it well.

Any comments and feedback is greatly appreciated!



Evelyn is a young creative person who wants to start an online store. She wants to project a celtic and medieval-inspired theme with splashes of her favourite fandoms into her products.


To create a cohesive brand identity that is unique amongst its community while still appealing to a wide audience. To ensure the brand can grow and develop without outgrowing the design of its brand identity.

Target Audience

My target audience is women aged 20-30 who are involved in online communities for large sci-fi and fantasy based fandoms such as Tolkien, Supernatural and Disney movies who want a subtle way to express their love for the medium in their everyday life.


Evelyn is a geek; but she’s a geek in a professional world and it’s hard to justify that Hobbit t-shirt even on casual Friday. She aims to create statement pieces that subtly reflect your love for fandom that is immediately recognizable to those who know, but still appeals to those who have never heard of a TARDIS or Tolkien.


  • Other online store (specifically Etsy) owners.
  • Bespoke jewelery designers

Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Instead of pastel watercolors, earthy-inspired tones.
  • Statement pieces for relationships
  • Constantly evolving with pop culture

Creative Considerations

  • Nature and celtic or medieval inspired themes and color tones
  • No pastels
  • Logo for packaging, Etsy shop banner and business cards
  • Try geometric shapes and more fluid nature-inspired designs to see what works well together

Tone and Key Words

  • Personable
  • Whimsical
  • Geeky
  • Vintage
  • Organic

Mood Board & Palette

I struggled to find a palette that encompassed the different colours while still evoking the feeling I wanted.

Red is important as one of the colours, but if I paired it with green it just looks Christmassy and if I pair it with a mustard yellow, as I also intended to do, it looked like a fast food chain. So I've tried breaking it up with some neutral colours.


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