Western Building Facade Notan

Western Building Facade Notan - student project

While not a landscape, the wooden facade of this (and other weathered western buildings) has interested me since I first saw it and photographed its shape against the Wyoming sky.

I uploaded my photo into PowerPoint, rescaled it to 3:5, then cropped it to change the balance of the light/dark elements and rescaled it. I used the edited photo to draw my notan.

In drawing the notan, I tried to create edges and angles that would create tension with or without a black line drawn as a frame around the shape. I'm thinking that no matter how the actual surfaces of directional logs, wooden boards and shingles are represented in a drawing or painting, its the tension created by the underlying shape that's going to matter.

Am I understanding notan correctly?Western Building Facade Notan - image 1 - student projectWestern Building Facade Notan - image 2 - student projectWestern Building Facade Notan - image 3 - student project

Mark Joyce