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Westbury, Australia

Hey Everyone,

I live in a little town called Westbury, in Tasmania, Australia.

Westbury was founded in the 1820's and has a very Georgian 'English' feel, with heritage buildings, many churches, as well as the only traditional Village green in Australia. Now with a population of just over 2,000, Westbury is a great stop-over for many tourists, as it is centrally located to various attractions.

The Great Western Tiers (mountains) provide an idyllic backdrop for the area, which aslo thrives in farming and agriculture.

Some attraction in Westbury include:

  • Pearn's Steam World - A collection of steam engines and the like
  • Westbury Maze and Tea Rooms
  • The White House Bakery - They used to have a horse and cart that sold bakery products around the streets, but now only sell from the bakery itself
  • The Westbury Village Green - A recreational area, home of the annual St Patricks Festival
  • Fitzpatrick's Inn - Opened in 1883, still operates as accomodation today
  • Giant Cricket Stumps - Were erected only recently as a welcome gate to the cricket club, which has produced some famous Australian talent

Below are some photos of the area (please note these images are not my own).


I have just started some research. I would really like to portray the historic side of the town, as I think this is a major drawcard for tourists. I will update my progress as I go=)


I started by writing down my aims for this project. I would like to create a logo that promotes Westbury to visitors and tourists, as the attractions in the town rely heavily on this income. Below are some other inclusions that I am using as some guidelines:

* Eye-catching and true to the town itself

* Use a colour palette that reflects the town and it's farming background e.g. green, yellow, brown.

* Feature town's architecture - This is an important aspect of the town

* Once I have chosen a concept, I would like to produce additional branding, e.g. brochure, signage and some further design elements to accompany the logo

Below are a couple of images of my research and initial concepts:

I have now created 3 concepts in Illustrator, trying to keep them all different, although I have used the same/similar typefaces, as they produce the kind of look that I am after. 

I am hoping to get some feedback on the designs, I will then decide on one design to refine a some more.


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