West Side Market in Cleveland Ohio | Skillshare Projects

James M.

Getting my learn on



West Side Market in Cleveland Ohio

Really enjoyed this class. Very detailed and clear. Thanks Jake.

This is still under construction... I got in over my head I think. I'd like to add color, clouds and a loop that makes sense. 

This animation is of a really cool building in Ohio City located in Cleveland. The building is home to local butchers, bakers, produce and specialty food vendors. If your in Cleveland you must check it out.





Sketching out lines to figure out how much detail to add to the vector without losing my mind in animating.


Drawing shapes in illustrator... trying to stay organized and think through how things will move.


After looking at multiple projects in the gallery I felt I needed to create a plan on how things will move and in what direction. Things changed as I got into AE.


Lots to learn yet... Need to get into the graph editor and understand how to use it better. Did a lot of copying and pasting scale on layers just to finish something.. hope to add more.


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