We're killing the red panda | Skillshare Projects

We're killing the red panda

Hi everyone and thank you for your lovely class Christine! Your enthusiasm for the subject really shines through. 

For this session I've decided to work with the adorable little red panda as a subject. While researching I found out that we (as part of the human race) are killing these little animals by expanding into their territory. While our population grow we're making them extinct. Something which to me is quite a powerful thought. My idea is to try to visualise this in my illustration. 

I set off with some sketches of the red panda in various poses. Trying to stay quite loose and going more on the feeling of drawing (definitely feeling a bit rusty!) and the main features at this stage. I really wish I would have done some more so I might try to do that before the next deadline. I feel like my next step should be getting some more sketches done to get more of a feeling for the animal and maybe exploring some different styles of illustrating it. Then I'll hopefully be closer to taking with me the essence from it into the illustration. 




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