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We're all under arrest for defacing George.

This was my first course on Skillshare and I'm glad for that. I've been a maker for all of my life, living in the arts district for the past decade and watching kids my age going from 'local weed dealer' to the 'top-of-the-food-chain nationally recognized muralist' in the course of a few years. I, however, lagged behind for both good reasons and ones that really kind of suck, like "Oh I don't want to spend money on art supplies because I can't make that money back without a lot of work" OR "I should join up with the anarchist kids, I'm a Dada-ist! ART IS THE ENEMY". My creative self would surely say that I'm an asshole. All the self dubt... What If it's not good enough? What if I can't compare? What if i just don't ask 'what if' and instead I feed my soul again?

Adam, your course was fun. I thought it might be a little silly, but sometimes I take myself a bit to seriously. A side note, I've come to realize that septum piercings are the tongue piercings of 10 years ago. don't get me wrong, septum is way cooler, but trend-wise.... well you know. I'm just talking shit ;)

another side note. Art supplies are an investment if you use them, and if you don't sometimes new art supplies will enable you to use your old ones again. So, just spend the money every once in a while! I went to the art supply store yesterday. I felt like i was in college again. Got my bg 'ol news print pad and some water color supplies.. and glitter... because glitter. when I got home I spent an hour drawing like I used to.


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